Official results for the Village of Fraser Lake's Municipal 2016 By-Election for Councillor


Tyrel Ray 107 votes - elected
Garry Watson 60 votes
Mark Lacerte 8 votes

Total votes 175




The Village of Fraser Lake would like to officially declare the by-election results for our 2015 local by-election.  In doing so, I would like to congratulate Sarrah Storey, who received the highest number of votes for the office of Councillor with the Village of Fraser Lake. 

Seven candidates were nominated for this by-election.  The official re-count has been conducted and we are able to announce the result of that re-count.

Total Votes placed were 211. 

Votes received by each candidate:

Sarrah Storey                          75 votes

Tyrel Ray                                 42 votes

Garry Watson                         28 votes

Dave Christie                          24 votes

Rick Wymer                            24 votes

Alan Laffin                              14 votes

Dave Vanwerkhoven                4 votes


We would like to thank each of the candidates for participating in this by-election.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Village Office.

Thank you.

Rodney J. Holland,
Chief Administrative Officer
Village of Fraser Lake
Phone: (250) 699-6257

Unofficial Results for the Village of Fraser Lake's Municipal 2014 Election

Dwayne Lindstrom
213 votes
Sarrah Nahornoff-Storey
164 votes

Kerry Jantz
233 votes
Craig Lepoidevin
300 votes
Don Reyden
174 votes
Dan Duncan
209 votes
Lynn Clark
111 votes
Jeanette Brophy
160 votes
Linda Mowat
148 votes

Total Ballots Cast 378


Do You Qualify to Vote?

You may vote as a resident elector if you:

  • are a Canadian Citizen
  • are 18 years of age or more on general voting day
  • have lived in BC for at least 6 months before you register to vote
  • have lived in the Village of Fraser Lake for 30 days or more before you register to vote
  • are not disqualified from voting by any statute or law

You may vote as a non-resident property elector if you:

  • are not a resident of Fraser Lake
  • are a Canadian Citizen
  • are 18 years of age or more on general voting day (November 15)
  • have lived in BC for at least 6 months before you register to vote
  • are the registered owner of real property in Fraser Lake for at least 30 days immediately before the day of registering
  • are not disqualified from voting by any statute or law

If more than one person owns the property, only one owner may register and that person must have the written consent of a majority of the other owners. Note the property must be in the name(s) of individuals and not in the name of a company.

If you qualify, it is strongly recommended that you register in advance of general voting at the Fraser Lake Village Office during regular office hours. You may also register on election day at any one of the Polling Stations. Click on the name of the document for an application to register as a non-resident property elector or for a non-resident property elector consent form.

How to Register on Voting Day

If you are not on the Voters’ List, but are qualified to vote as a Resident Elector at advance voting or on voting day, you may register at any designated voting place.

You must bring at least 2 documents that provide evidence of your identity and place of residence. At least one of the documents must contain your signature.
You must provide two documents producing evidence of your identity, at least one of which must contain your signature You must also be prepared to sign a solemn declaration as to your place of residence. If you do not comply with these requirements, you will not be registered to vote.

The following documents only will be accepted for identification:

  • a British Columbia Driver’s License
  • an Owner’s Certificate of Insurance and Vehicle License issued by the Insurance Corporation of B.C.
  • a British Columbia CareCard or British Columbia Gold CareCard
  • a British Columbia Identification Card
  • a Ministry of Social Development and Economic Security Request for Continued Assistance form SDES8
  • a Social Insurance Card issued by Human Resources Development Canada
  • a Citizenship Card issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  • a real property tax notice issued under section 269 of the Local Government Act or section 21 of the Taxation (Rural Area) Act
  • a credit card or debit card issued by a savings institution as defined in Section 29 of the Interpretation Act, or
  • a utility bill issued for the supply of electricity, natural gas, water, telephone services or coaxial cable service by · a public utility as defined in section 1 of the Utilities Commission Act · a gas utility as defined in section 1 of the Gas Utility Act · a water utility as defined in section 1 of the Water Act · the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority, or · a corporation licensed by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission for the purposes of that supply.

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