There is a water leak detected at the corner of Francois Drive and Tunasa Crescent.  The Village Works Department is aware and assessing the situation.  Residents may experience low pressure or temporary loss of water.  Please follow here or FaceBook for updates.

Update:  The Village has assessed and found that work will need to be done to the main line today.  Residents on Francois Drive can expect to have a water interruption.  We are anticipating this will happen by 2:30 - 3:00pm today.

Update:  Please be advised that we are going door to door this afternoon to let you know that your water will be shut off tomorrow, Wednesday, January 27, 2016,  at 7am until approximately noon to do repairs to the main water line.  Streets that will be effected are from Chowsunket to the west side of town.

179 Tunasa Crescent west to the highway
Dunnee St
Endako Ave
Nadina Cres
Nadina Dr
Nadina Place
Francois Dr
Carrier Place
Cougar St

 Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Any concerns please call the Village Office at 250-699-6257 or follow the Village facebook page and website as we will be updating them.

Update: Thank you for your patience!  Water line is fixed and water is back on!!  Run your taps until water runs clear.‚Äč

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Water Outage
Saturday January 23, 2016

 At approximately 9:00 pm this past Saturday, many residents found their taps were out of water.  A number of people went to Facebook, asking others if they had water and wondered what to do about this predicament.  One local called one of our staff members and enquired if they had water.  Our staff member began the process of activating our Public Works.  Our Public Works responded quickly and efficiently.

 From the time of the first call to the resolution of the problem, less than one hour had elapsed.   I’m very happy with the level of service our Public Works employees provide the community.  They are well trained and very efficient.  I would like to thank Chris MacLeod and Gary Smith for their good work.

 This event presents a good learning opportunity for both the Village and our community.  There were a large number of people affected by this water outage and from their posts on Facebook, many were asking “What do we do” and “Who do we contact”? 

 The Fire Department and Public Works provide after hour response to emergencies.  I believe it’s timely to provide some information on how residents can report fire and Village emergencies.

 The Fraser Lake Fire Department responds to after hour emergencies.

 If you have a fire emergency dial 911. 

 All other Fire Department enquiries will be dealt with during regular business hours Monday to Friday.

 The Village Public Works Department responds to after hour emergencies related to water, sewer and roads.   

 If you have an after hour emergency that involves water, sewer or roads, call (250) 699-6562. 

 Your call will go directly to voicemail.  Please leave your name, phone number, a description of the emergency plus the location of the emergency.  A Public Works employee will receive your message.  If more information is required, they will phone you back.  Depending on the nature of your report, a public works employee will be dispatched to assess the problem or emergency.

 The Village will not respond to after hour non-emergency calls.  Those enquiries will be dealt with during regular business hours Monday to Friday.

 If these emergencies are wide spread, we will endeavour to provide updates to our response and progress on the Village of Fraser Lake Facebook page.    The Village of Fraser Lake webpage will be updated during regular business hours Monday to Friday.

 So what caused the water shortage this past Saturday?  On Friday afternoon there was a brief power outage followed by a power surge when power was restored.  Following the power interruption, our Village Staff checked the main supply pumps and the Water Treatment Plant.  Everything appeared to be operating properly.  On Saturday evening, our Arena attendant noticed very low water pressure.  He contacted our Water Plant employee to report his concern.  Our water plant employee learned he was unable to access the water plant computer system remotely.  Several Public Works employees left their homes and began their checks to ensure the system was working.  They found there had been a power failure at the main pump and the water treatment plant had gone into an unwarranted backwash cycle.  This means the water plant was flushing the filters using water from the reservoir, not the lake.

 Our water plant personnel, took steps to reboot the affected computers and to re start the water pumps and water treatment plant. From further inspection, it is believed a sensor in the water treatment plant had failed.  We are taking steps to prevent the re occurrence of such an event.  We are exploring best solutions, such as placing a water level alarm in the water tower. 

 Thank you for taking the time to read this correspondence.  If you have any concerns or comments, we would like to hear from you.

 R.J.Holland,  Chief Administrative Officer
Village of Fraser Lake

Phone: (250) 699-6257
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